Cfdt Value

ContractFor Difference, is a financial derivative product that allows you to trade against price movements of underlying financial assets such as foreign currencies, stock indices and stocks, and is currently very popular with retail investors around the world.
CFDT (Contract for difference token) is a form of CFD technology that enables blockchain technology to trade the price movement of an underlying asset as a cryptographic digital currency. For example, A thinks that the price of btc will go up, but B thinks it will go down, so A and B negotiate that if the price of btc goes up, B will give the difference to A, and A will give the difference to B. The CFD is created. The whole process doesn’t involve trading btc and if A wins, he earns the difference of the rising price.

At the same time, CFDs are a leveraged product, meaning you only need to put in a fraction of the full value of the trade to open a position. This is called ‘margin trading’.
Whilst margin trading increases your gains, it also magnifies your losses as they are calculated on the full value of the position, which means that you can lose more than any capital you have invested.
However, cfdt was created to reduce the risk, or even eliminate it, by allowing more people to perform the act of trading CFDs, to learn about contracts, and to gradually learn to trade them.

CFDT value sharing

When trading CFDs, whether the price of the chosen currency is bullish or bearish, you can place an order to trade and benefit from the opportunity to sell (short) or buy. Many investors use CFDs as a way to hedge their existing portfolios against short-term volatile markets.
In cfdt contract trading, a unique consensus contract building section has been added, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your capital or losses, you can boldly try the operability of CFDs, and you will be rewarded for your operation through the output of the consensus mining pool.
The consensus mining pool brings great fun and reward to all operators, and also creates a strong consensus base for the entire cfdt, the value of cfdt will be reflected as players gradually improve their skills, thus driving other ecological currencies to exchange cfdt, and the value of the benefits of cfdt will belong to all consensus creators.